Iron on decals for School Uniforms

Iron on decals for School Uniforms

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Price as per pc of decal.

Label all those school uniforms with our decals and a little heat from an iron. 

Works best on cotton.  Please do not use on plastic surfaces such as swimming bags/caps. 

If you would like decals for lunch boxes and bottles, please click HERE

How do i use it?

1. Place the label where you would like to attach it - a smooth surface works best. 

2. Place the protective sheet on top of the label. 

3. Using the iron without any steam and on a low heat setting, firmly press the iron down for 20 seconds, twice with a break in between. 

4. Lift the protective sheet out and wait 1 minute for the decal to cool down. Try and lift the transparent sheet and pull away from the decal gently. If the decal lifts together with the protective sheet, repeat steps 3 and 4 again. 

5. Place the protective sheet on the decal again and firmly press the iron for 10 seconds to ensure it adheres well. 

6. Remove the protective sheet and you're done! Please only wash after 24 hours.