Due to customizable nature of each item, quotations will be based on the requirements of the client.

The rates below are provided as a guideline.


Envelopes Addressing (per name) - 4.50dhs

Invitation Card Addressing (per name) - 4.50dhs



Place Cards  4.00 dhs

Table Number 5.00dhs


INVITATIONS -Spot Calligraphy  - from 150 dhs

Add the names of the bride and groom written in Calligraphy to ensure that your invitations are one of a kind. You will receive a digital file to use across the wedding.

WELCOME BOARDS - from 150 dhs

Be it wood, arcylic or mirror, allow me to create a unique welcome board for your wedding or event.

* Prices above are only for workmanship and does not include the boards.


Design Fee (includes all table numbers, name of couple and welcome message) 150dhs

First and Last Name in Block Letters  - 3dhs

First and Last Name in Calligraphyn - 4.50dhs


* Prices above are only for workmanship and does not include the boards.


Please use the contact form or send me an email to discuss your requirements.

Hourly Rates start from 300dhs

RING/JEWELLERY DISH with Vinyl - 60 dhs

*can be customised to suit a variety of occasions 


Skylines-A4 - 150dhs  * Price includes a frame 

Heartbeats (Soundwave) -A4 - 150dhs * Price Includes a frame 

CUSTOM CAKE TOPPERS - 80 dhs with free courier

AGATE KEYCHAINS - 35 dhs with gift box

LARGE PERSONALISED AGATE - 150 dhs with gift box,gold stand and complimentary courier

WEDDING HANGERS (per pc) from 25 dhs

Don't see what you need listed above?

Please do drop us a message to see how we can assist you.