When I first started practising after attending a my very 1st Calligraphy workshop, I found myself writing my name and words that I had in my workshop workbook over and over. As you can imagine, I soon got bored! I hear many of you have that same problem, so I decided to come up with a theme (hopefully each month) where we can practise different words every week.

For the month of April, I was inspired by Spring and thought that names of Flowers would a great start. So every Monday, I would be sending out the FREE practise worksheets directly to your inbox. All you have to do is print them on Laser Paper - the smoother the better! I will also be uploading the file here on my blog for those whom decide to join a little later or may have acmcidentally delete the email :)

I hope you have fun practising and do use the hashtag when posting on social media!

I can't wait to see your calligraphy :)


Till next week!

Stephenie x

PS: Please do not share the files with your friends, instead please direct them to this blog article for them to download the file. This way they wont miss out all the other freebies and tips that would be on offer.